Album cover of Muting The Noise
Album cover of Dinner Music For Clubbers: Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold

Various Artists - "Muting The Noise"
(CD, Innervisions, 2008)
A collection of ambient related tracks called "Muting The Noise" on Innervisions, featuring among others our Karlsruhe-comrades Âme, Terre Thaemlitz, Hendrik Schwarz, Klaus Schulze and an exclusive Kammerflimmer Kollektief track called "That's How The Light Gets In".
Various Artists - "Dinner Music For Clubbers: Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold"
(CD, Staubgold 2008)
No boundaries, just hot shit with love! Peter Grummich, techno DJ and producer with a reputation of being one of Berlin's foremost party animals plays the Staubgold-catalog in the mix.

Album cover of Kammerflimmer Kollektief / Strings Of Consciousness
Album cover of Buddha Machine

Kammerflimmer Kollektief / Strings Of Consciousness
(10" vinyl with gatefold sleeve, Karl-Records, 2007)
Limited edition vinyl (500) with our friends from France Strings Of Consciousness featuring two exclusive versions.
Various Artists - "Jukebox Buddha"
(CD, Staubgold 72, 2006)
15 tracks made with the FM3 BUDDHA MACHINE. Feat. exclusive contributions by Adrian Sherwood + Doug Wimbish, Blixa Bargeld, sunnO))), Thomas Fehlmann, Sun City Girls, Gudrun Gut, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Jan Jelinek/Andrew ekler/Hanno Leichtmann, Mapstation, Aki Onda, Robert Henke, Es, Alog, Minit and Wang Fan.

Album cover of Absencen Remixed Part 2
Album cover of Absencen Remixed Part 1

Absencen Remixed Part 2
(12", Staubgold 64, 2006)
feat. Radian, Secondo, Lump, Sutekh. Executive production and cover design by Tim Tetzner (Dense)
Absencen Remixed Part 1
(12", Staubgold 63, 2005)
feat. JAN JELINEK, AOKI TAKAMASA, NÔZE and DAVID LAST. Executive production and cover design by Tim Tetzner (Dense)

Album cover of Various Artists: Childish Music
Album cover of Sutekh: Born Again: Collected Remixes 1999-2005

Alles Glühen
from "Various Artists: Childish Music" (CD, Staubgold 60, 2005)
Naive sounds from Germany, Scotland, France, Japan, Australia and the United States make up for a superstar collection of new music for new children featuring also contributions by Dr. Rockit, Devendra Banhart, Nobukazu Takemura, Sketch Show, Lawrence, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, F.S. Blumm, Anne Laplantine, World Standard and many more. Compiled by Ekkehard Ehlers. "Children like to be silly. Secretly, adults like to be silly too. Here's a space to be silly, with the children." (David Toop)
Absencen (RMX)
from "Sutekh: Born Again: Collected Remixes 1999-2005" (2CD, Leaf, 2005)
Born Again is a near definitive compilation of remixes by the exceptionally talented West Coast producer Seth Horvitz (aka Sutekh). The album comprises 23 remixes of tracks by a diverse range of artists, from Ammoncontact and Swayzak through to The Leaf Label's very own Norwegian songbird Hanne Hukkelberg (a mix of Ease exclusive to this release).

Album cover of Parerga
Album cover of Tempo Technik Teamwork

Nachtwache 19. Oktober
Eiderdaunen, gezupft
Alles Glühen (Version)
from "Parerga" (12" Vinyl only, EN/OF 028, 2005). Sold out!
With De Rijke/De Rooij [Fruitbats over ABN-AMRO Headquarters, June 2004, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, 4 Photos, each 20 x 30 cm, Edition of 100, plus 30 a.p. - Signed & numbered on a certificate]
from "Various Artists: Tempo Technik Teamwork" (2 CD, Staubgold 55, 2004)
Includes also new and unreleased tracks by Ekkehard Ehlers and John Fruiscante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Sun, Klangwart and many more.

Album cover of Thank You
Album cover of Einigen Wir uns Auf Die Zukunft

Eiderdaunen, gezupft
from "Various Artists: Thank You" (CD, Temporary Residence TRR50, 2004)
Feat Fridge, Explosions In The Sky a.o
from "Various Artists: Einigen Wir uns Auf Die Zukunft" (CD/LP, Kitty Yo / payola / kollaps, 1998). Sold out

Album cover of Thank You
Album cover of Einigen Wir uns Auf Die Zukunft

Horn / Implodiert / Nachtwach / Lunger
(12", Payola E1 12", 1996)
"Extrem spannende Platte." Bleed, De-Bug
Faller / Rand / Gras / Simlutan
(12", Payola E2 12", 1998)
"Thomas Weber aus Karlsruhe wurde als Kind nicht mit Brei sondern mit Jazz gefüttert. Das zahlt sich jetzt aus. Keiner mixt bulliges Schlagzeug mit Vierspurübersteuerungen so charmant wie er. Genial, gottesgleich. Ein Traum in bunt, Distortion inklusive. EP des Monats." De-Bug

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